Who are we?

American Solutions for Business (www.americanbus.com) is an employee-owned company which works with businesses to improve their operations, marketing and sales. We were founded in 1981 in Minnesota and our Northern Virginia office was started in 2004. Nationally we have over 200 offices, 500 sales associates, and annual revenue exceeding $200 million.

Our culture?

American's culture is rooted in mid-western values of Superior Customer Service, Community Stewardship and Effective Partnerships. That's a complicated way of saying we expect to do an honest day's work in a way that makes us proud to be in our community and which benefits our customers, our suppliers, and our business. As an employee owned company we are driven to grow our company through total dedication to customer satisfaction, company stewardship, and integrity. As a result of these factors we consistently deliver customer satisfaction and are rewarded with repeat business from our customers.

What do we do?

Our sales associates are very experienced professionals who thoroughly understand business processes and provide consultative metric based recommendations to our customers. We apply specialized business knowledge, combined with our technology services, and leverage a suite of business products to design and deliver custom solutions for each business we work with.

For example, we might streamline operations and create an eStore for a client so that their franchises can order badges, business cards and other personalized items directly instead of through the headquarters office. Or we might create a marketing plan for a product launch and manage the production and delivery of direct and email marketing, social media, and event materials. Then again, sometimes we'll just help you pick the right pen to give away at your tradeshow, or help you choose an award for a valued employee.

Who are our clients? 

Our clients span all business and organizational types. They include Fortune 500 companies, financial and healthcare companies, associations and non-profits, governments, GPO's and small and medium size businesses.

When did we start?

American was founded in 1981. The local office in Northern Virginia was started in 2004.

About our Northern Virginia Office

Our office was opened in 2004. It is managed by Pat Ennis, an experienced sales and marketing professional, coach and speaker. Pat has led successful engagements in his career with companies like Aetna, Sara Lee, ASTA, and United Healthcare to name a few large companies. Pat is an expert on business branding and has helped hundreds of small businesses reach their marketing and operational goals.